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Travis Romine owner of Paradise Fibers


Travis Romine is one of the owners of Paradise Fibers.  Most of the articles, videos, and information on the Paradise Fibers website was gathered, written or produced directly from Travis or one of our knowledgeable team members.  Travis wears many hats including spinning wheel tech, loom tech, janitor and web dork.  Travis has been spinning for years and knows the features of every one our spinning wheels inside and out.  If you are in the market for a wheel and have detailed questions on which spinning wheel is right for you make sure to ask for him when you call. 

Got questions about what type of spinning fiber you need?  We have one of the most complete selections of fiber from around the world including local farms in the Inland Northwest.  Travis is super knowledgeable about various fibers from Yak and Camel to standard wools like Corriedale, Merino and Blue Faced Leicester, he knows fiber and can help you pick the perfect fiber for your project. Search our incredible spinning fiber collection here.

Looking for a rigid heddle loom?  Travis is also a great resource for anything Rigid Heddle.  Rigid Heddle looms are a perfect way to explore the world of weaving without a huge investment.  Rigid Heddle Looms are great for making table runners, placemats, wash cloths, scarves and more.  The great thing about Rigid Heddle Looms is they are pretty fast to setup compared to table looms or floor looms which are more cumbersome.  Rigid Heddle weaving can use up lots of yarn fast and textile creation is much faster than knitting making weaving a great way to use up your stash of old yarn and make some cool projects fast.  Check out our complete line of Rigid Heddle Looms here and feel free to call with questions, we're here to help.

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